TEX – This is Tex, he's our newest addition and our first dog.  He's a rescue dog and we are sure glad to have him!  He's still a puppy so he's still got a lot of learning to do!.  

MAX– Max is our oldest cat, he is very fury and loving.  He would love nothing more than to eat people food all day long!

Turd Burglars, LLC

A LITTLE ABOUT turd burglars, llc

our pets

SOX – Sox is 6 years old and our most talented pet.  He can open almost every door in the house.  He is a very sweet kitty!

Hi!  Thanks for checking us out, I'm John and I own Turd Burglars, LLC.  When you sign up for service, I'll be the guy you work with to setup your service and the guy who comes out to clean up your yard. Sometimes, my wife Jennifer (Mrs. Turd Burglar) comes out to help also. I started Turd Burglars because I know what a hassle it is to clean up after our pets.  With two cats and a puppy in our house, there is no shortage of cleaning to do.  All that cleaning up takes time, let us handle it for you so you can spend more time with your family.  No, I won't be wearing a dress shirt and tie when I come out but I will be wearing my "Head Turd Burglar" T-shirt!  Call/Text/Email us today to set up your service!